We provide cleaningservice regarding moving for property owners, businesses, and private persons.
  • Empty properties of things and objects
  • Deforst the fridge and freezer
  • Remove any hooks for paintings, nails etc.
  • We need to have access to water and electricity
  • Inspection and risk assessment will be preformed when we arrive on the scene. Any extra ÄTA costs will be messaged to customer.

We have down below made a form that you can easily fill out to get a quotation through mail.


Fill in the form below to get a quotation for your moving cleaning
Price is based on a normal moving cleaning that is orderd within 7 days before the cleaning takes place. If the cleaning is ordered later than 7 days before it’s due there will be an extra fee for late orders.
You can check in square deduction if you have the right to RUT according to Skatteverket

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In first hand through the mail and for emergencies through phone
Directly to group leader Kenza 0703-006728