A Successful Move-Out Cleaning


When you leave your residence and a new tenant is about to move in, it’s crucial that the apartment is entirely clean and fresh. To succeed, you must allocate enough time; most people underestimate the time needed. Move-out cleaning becomes much easier if you maintain regular cleaning and deep cleanings.
Other things to consider are working ergonomically, with the right equipment and products. Always prioritize your health and always read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.
Also, remember to pour water before chemicals when mixing to avoid unnecessary spreading of the chemicals. The same applies to spray bottles; never use a misting spray to avoid inhalation of what you’re spraying.


To succeed with the move-out cleaning, you’ll need basic equipment consisting of a bucket, mop, window squeegee, yellow/green sponge, and then appropriate chemicals.
Contact a retailer for environmentally friendly products. Consider your health.
Next, you’ll need to contact your landlord to see if there are any instructions to follow or specific requirements for the move-out cleaning.
If not, you can follow our template.


Clean window frames, window sills, and window ledges.
Then, polish the inside and outside, and in between if the windows are divisible. The muntins should also be washed.
Our tip is to use a yellow/green sponge for window frames and muntins. Recommended chemicals are window soap or dish detergent.


Clean on top of, inside, and around the stove. Pull out the stove and clean behind it, on the sides, and underneath.
Freezer and Refrigerator
Should be defrosted and turned off. Then clean inside, outside, and behind (if it can be pulled out). Turn off the freezer when it is emptied and cleaned. Leave the door slightly open to keep it fresh. Clean the refrigerator inside, outside, and behind (if it can be pulled out). Turn off the refrigerator when it is emptied and cleaned. Leave the door slightly open to avoid odors.
Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Should be cleaned free from stains and dust, both inside and outside.
Kitchen Lamps and Other Fixed Lights
Those belonging to the apartment must be cleaned. Unscrew lampshades and wash them.


Wiping and spot cleaning of walls, floors, and ceilings as well as interior.
Tile walls are cleaned and grout is scrubbed. Faucets and shower heads are polished, and floor drains are cleaned.
Mirror is polished.


Here’s what you need to do in the bathroom:
Wipe off pipes and water lines.
Clean the sink. Don’t forget to wipe behind it.
Do you have a bathtub? Don’t forget to clean underneath it!
Remove the front if possible and scrub behind it.