Property emergency service

Vital Service is here to ensure that your home or property is secure. With our emergency service, you can feel at ease, even during the most unexpected situations. Our experienced team is ready to handle various urgent matters that may arise at any time during emergency hours.

Our services include prompt and efficient assistance with the following common issues:

  • Plumbing Problems: We address blockages and other plumbing-related issues quickly and professionally.
  • Electrical Problems: Whether it’s outlets not working or other electrical issues, you can rely on us to ensure that your property’s electrical system is functioning properly.
  • Lock Problems: We assist with everything from changing locks to unlocking doors, ensuring your security and accessibility.
  • Protective Covering: If protective covering is needed to prevent damage to the property, we’re here to provide prompt and efficient action.
  • Water Leaks: We locate and repair water leaks to prevent damage and minimize losses.
  • Heating Problems: Our expertise extends to resolving issues related to the heating system to ensure your comfort and safety.

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