External patrolling

We understand that a well-maintained and pleasant outdoor environment is crucial for creating a comfortable atmosphere for all tenants. Through our meticulous patrolling and maintenance of the property’s exterior, we strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable and welcome.

Our service includes a range of measures to ensure that your property’s outdoor environment is in top condition. We ensure that trash bins are strategically placed and regularly emptied, lawns are mowed and well-maintained, flowerbeds are kept free from weeds, and pathways are clean and free from debris. We also take care of trimming bushes and trees to ensure they not only look well-kept but are also safe for anyone in the area.

But our work extends beyond the visible. We also inspect and address any issues with gutters, downspouts, and water drainage to ensure that water is effectively diverted and the risk of damage is minimized.

Our staff is dedicated and experienced, and we conduct patrols and maintenance work according to a regular schedule, typically once a week. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your property’s outdoor environment is always kept in the best possible condition.

Internal patrolling

Through our thorough and regular internal patrolling, we ensure that the interior of your property is in top condition.

During our internal patrolling, we conduct a detailed inspection of various areas within the property to ensure its condition and safety. This includes checking and directing doors and replacing locks if necessary to maintain security. We also lubricate hinges and locks to ensure their smooth operation.

Our service also extends to handling minor damages to roofs, walls, floors, and fixtures. We carefully document any major damages and can provide recommendations for actions from our partners to effectively address them.

In the electrical area, we perform replacements of bulbs, fluorescent tubes, fuses, and sockets that you can carry out without authorization. We also ensure that networks are rebooted when needed to ensure smooth operation.

For environmental-related tasks, we take care of environmental rooms through cleaning and examination for any improvement suggestions. Additionally, we perform self-checks according to environmental legislation with accompanying documentation.

Our team is dedicated and experienced, and we conduct internal patrols according to a regular schedule to ensure that the interior of your property is always kept in the best possible condition.

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